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We solve successfully problems with the Legionella colonization of technical water systems !

(Hot water distribution, cooling towers, pools and water-medical technologies, technological water systems… )

Our company applies already four years independently to this problems, but as for experiences of our skilled engineers and workers at other workplaces, we have more than 15 years of activities behind ourselves. Some cases we can name among others. Mr. Pospíchal was the leader by the realization of technical remedy measures to minimization of microbiological risk at IKEM PRAGUE (Institute of clinical and experimental medicine) - legionela outbreak in year 1998, solving of colonization elimination and removal of microbiological problems at the opening of cardio centre in University Hospital Olomouc. All together it is more than 50 different objects.

The basic requirement for permanent operation of present objects – residential houses, hospitals, accommodation objects – is securing of quality of hot and cold water supplied to all taps in the object. Quality of water in these distribution systems is perceived as a complex prevention of minimization of microbiological risk. All that with application of known physical, chemical and especially microbiological parameters of supplied water, used materials for pipelines and providing constant temperature on all taps including minimization of temperature oscillation even during peak or lowest water consumption. Water distribution systems are perceived as a human bloodstream: water has to be delivered in proper quality to the right place. Components of water heating, pipeline material or regulation must not fall off the quality of water – impact on turbidity, temperature and flow rate. Therefore, we put the accent already on projection stage; selection of pipeline materials, regulation and type of water heating. Equally the accent is pot on control of realization, quality of installation, and putting the system into operation. Certificate of starting microbiological condition of distribution system has to be part of commissioning of the system. The schedule of permanent control and maintenance of the system including records about all actions in the system, energy and water consumption has to be established.

Our activities in elapsed time were focused on monitoring of physical and chemical parameters, proposals of structural and technological precautions and solutions in new and old buildings. For example:

  • Turbidity reduction of supplied cold water
  • Peak water consumption measurements
  • Securing of water heating with permanent thermal stabilization
  • Control of pipe dimension according to water consumption
  • Turbidity reduction of hot and circulating water
  • Sludge blow off from mains in large objects
  • Biofilm control in pipeline
  • Preventive precautions for minimization of health and microbiological risk
  • Putting new and reconstructed systems into operation
  • Biocide dosing for minimization of microbiological risk
  • Carry out shock disinfection in operated distribution systems for immediate decrease of microbiological risk, to gain time for technical precautions
  • Proposals of technical and organizational precautions for operated systems
  • Control, consulting and proposals of project modifications



Contact persons and adress

Dr. Ing. Zdeněk Pospíchal
e-mail: qzp@qzp.cz
tel.: +420 603 826 910


Bc. Zdeněk Pospíchal ml.
e-mail: pospichal@qzp.cz
tel.: +420 603 329 506


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612 00 Brno,CZ

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